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A Point of View on the High Water Level of Yapan

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Feeling sentimental: I believe that many people are familiar with the Asian Winning Game, and many people are playing it. Although it is a 50% chance (that is, if you don’t hit the upper hand, you will be the next one), but many of us have not really been able to achieve 50% of the game. Rate, why? Obviously we have a one-half chance, why we can’t play the bookmaker so much that we don’t even have a 50% hit rate.

In fact, when I think about it, there must be a win or a win in gambling. When we lose, we have to be able to bear it, and when we win, we should not be too happy. This is about mentality. To play the ball, we must first maintain a healthy and good mentality. Only in this mentality can we correctly analyze a ball game. When we win, it feels fine, but when we lose, many of our friends will not do well. If we lose, we will blame ourselves for losing. I have to take this game when I don’t want it. I always go to the corner and study where I lost. This mentality It proves that there is a problem with the mentality, so those who are behind become hesitant, and only lose once and then lose. In fact, it’s not necessary to always review the reasons for losing. It’s the right thing to take time to analyze the next game, because losing one or two games doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean that the latter must lose. If you always blame yourself for losing It will affect your emotions and lead to real failure. In fact, our opponents are sometimes not the dealer, but ourselves. Our own bad mentality is the real cause of failure. The dealer just changes a little bit and raises and lowers the water level to further affect our emotions.

So how do we restore our confidence in gambling? How can we maintain a good attitude? Of course, to get back the feeling of winning money, you must first ensure that you are in an unbeaten position in general. The dealer has no choice to open. Basically, many games have to open every game, and our friends have a choice. This is our advantage and we must make full use of it.

We have to make a choice in the public game. We must be able to locate which type of handicap or which type of water level to choose to play. Don’t go and study every game (often many people lose here. Look, the result was a good one, but because I clicked another game and felt that another game was better, the result was counterproductive. I didn’t bet on the good one, but I won. The other game I clicked thought it was better. If you bet, you lose) If you have been studying a certain handicap or a certain water level for a long time, I believe that your water level can be truly improved.

Back to the topic, I will now teach you a little bit about the winning mode of the Asian high water mark (you can also click on my QQ149480529 temporary conversation exchange). We think from the most simple and fundamental profit model of the bookmaker, how can the bookmaker make money? Handicap is just a form. What the bookmaker can really make money is to consider the rise and fall of the water level. A certain team wins a game and the bookmaker cannot control it (some people say that it can be controlled, that is, match-fixing, but this is very rare. We Not to consider), the only thing that can be done is to lift the plate and lift the water to achieve the maximum profit. To win a game, the dealer will only lower the water level or the mid-water level. If the upper plate puts ultra-low water, it cannot explain the problem. The reasons are: First, the dealer loses the upper plate, and the dealer deliberately puts a low-water trap. ; The second is the last win, and the dealer returns us very little money to achieve the dealer’s purpose of drawing water. But if the dealer in a certain game puts a super high water on the market, and the market is more popular, there will be a problem. We are now positioned on the issue of the dealer’s high water level. To be more specific, it is: Asian set-Hanging-Home-The dealer sets a super high water level, for example: 09-23 22:00 Midusburg (main) 1.10 Tie / Hemisphere cloth-like wandering 0.74, this 1.10 is up The game is very high. Let’s put it aside for the time being. How do we study this game now? I will not provide specific analysis methods and analysis data. I will just study the water level. Why does the dealer put the ultra-high water level of Fort Midushi? There are only two answers: one is that Mido wants to win, and the dealer deliberately puts super high water on us. The second is that Midu is about to lose, so the water level is set high to attract half-lost friends in order to balance the number of bets on both sides. Which situation do you think is highly likely? We avoid the existence of this match-fixing. If Midu were to win this match, would the dealer be so kind that they would put an over-water mark of 1.10 to allow us to win, which is 10% higher than the cost? So the answer is clear at a glance. Mido has a high chance of losing, and the score is 0:1. Therefore, we have to think more from the point of view of the banker when we play, and we can simplify the complicated questions and the answers will be clear at a glance. Regarding this ultra-high water level, I analyzed it from Ladbrokes’ single-win market. Ladbrokes’ single-win market has not changed much, so it’s worth referring to. You can also find a company’s own market for research. , You will find that the over-water level on the hanging plate basically runs out of the bottom plate. In addition, the super water level I mean is basically better than 1.10. Ladbrokes often opens 1.10, 1.14, 1.20, etc., the higher the water level at home, the greater the probability of the lower plate.xổ số Việt Nam VLS

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